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Inti Talenta Teknology customers succeed because we carefully match their needs with the right software and the perfect mix of implementation services, training and customisations. We have happy customers in key industries, such as: manufacturing, distribution, food production and more.

Oracle NetSuite is an affordable, easy-to-use business management solution designed specifically for growing small and medium businesses and subsidiaries

Oracle NetSuite integrates your critical areas to provide clear visibility into your entire business

Financial Management

Auditable accounting functions reducing manual user interactions and reducing “month end” closing times

Inventory Management

Accurate inventory levels and cost management allow for quicker despatch times and detailed margin analysis

Oracle NetSuite Sales CRM

Capture and store the sales life cycle in a single data source increasing consistency and maintaining customer history

Purchasing & Operations

Understand procurement requirements with detailed analysis enabling better informed decisions with MRP

Production Control

Robust production suite providing detailed visibility and allowing resource capacity planning

Analytics Report

Hundreds of built-in reports and dashboards and the ability to create your own for enhancing decision-making and business intelligence

Integration Capabilities

Advanced API capable of integrating to any Platform, 3rd party systems or e-commerce sites

By capturing all this data in a centralised location, you can access real-time insights to make fast, informed decisions

Providing Industry Expert Solutions

Wholesale & Distribution

Better management of customer expectations with real-time inventory analysis and visibility of inventory planning.

Integrated modules provide accurate margin calculations for instant decision making.


Introduce warehouse data capture and scanning to eliminate human errors and stream line processes.

Speed up put-away and picking processes with greater visibility of upcoming receipts and deliveries.


Introduce production management capabilities inline with SME requirements; complex enough to deal with your day to day requirements but intuitive enough for end users to interact.

Real-time capture of shop floor data and business-wide visibility of production status.


Support B2C and B2B selling models on a single platform with a dramatically lower investment and without separate systems.

Exchange data with your customers and suppliers systems for transaction automation reducing the need for human administration and reduction in human error

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Oracle NetSuite and all extensions are installed and supported on a cloud based infrastructure by your cloud service provider. The cloud service provider takes care of everything including licenses, updates, backups and data security. Your sole responsibility is data entry

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