Oracle Netsuite Landing Page

by Intalogi – Oracle NetSuite Solution Partner Indonesia

Welcome to Oracle NetSuite. The best and real cloud ERP that ready to support your business.
ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a system that support company’s business activity from Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Inventory and Asset, and all Record to Report activities happens everyday. Current ERP also complimented with many features such as reporting, analytic and Business Intelligence, mobile accessibility, multi currency and multi company, and many more.
In this cloud platform era, having ERP system that running on fully cloud platform will be a beneficiary to business because no more hidden cost in implementing and using ERP such as hardware or server maintenance, new version update service, data processing service, mobile extension service, and many more. Find out more about Oracle NetSuite in this page and see how this system can maximize your business.


Oracle NetSuite proven to be Cloud ERP that has never been breached before. This will ensure the security of your business. Unlike many other ERP, you can always ask security certificates and confirmations from many institutions that shows Oracle NetSuite is very secure and stable to support your business.


You don’t need to start at large. Start from your Back Office and you can always find that Oracle Netsuite has the functionality to adapt to your business. In Oracle NetSuite we understand that business growing but digitalization cannot wait. That’s why we provide scalable solution packages suitable for your business size.

Global Presence

The name of Oracle has already well known as the name that provides best software solution for business. Its presence is across the globe to make sure you get supported everywhere you are. In Indonesia big companies already using this ERP. Contact our team to get more detail on this information.

Real Cloud ERP

In current cloud platform era, many ERP claims they are clour ready. But the real clour ERP is not just simply put the ERP on the cloud. Oracle NetSuite built on the platform that provide all cloud platform values like always updated version, secure and scalable, and many more.

Oracle NetSuite provides modular packages that you can use according to your business size. At first if you are willing to see how Oracle NetSuite can help your business, you can implement only the back office functionalities. Along the way you can moving forward implementing more and more Oracle NetSuite features like Planning and Budgeting, CRM, Project Management, Production Routing and Assemblies, and many more.
Many Companies implementing ERP System without knowing what are the real cost for running a system that has been demonstrated before by ERP vendors. In Oracle NetSuite we can provide detail costing for your ERP needs and you will be able to see that with Oracle NetSuite as a true clour ERP you can take out so many cost for hardwares and services. Contact our team to know more on this.