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To become well-known as quality and proficient talent supplier nationwide and internationally equipped with the latest technology

  • Recruitment of fine graduates and experienced talents from prominent universities and experts in the market.
  • Production of best talents with professionalism, integrity and good character succeeding from the Bootcamp through rigorous and selective continual assessments and examinations.
  • Placement of graduating-from-Bootcamp talents into customers’ business to fulfill the business process and skillful human capital needs.
  • Participation of recruits into high-quality and comprehensive learning with latest-technology tools and appropriate syllabus in the training facility (Bootcamp) by skillful, certified and experienced trainers.
  • Persistently equip talents with supporting technology tools and applications and support the personnel with robust human resources team that continually develop people with discipline, integrity, responsibility and professionalism.


Bootcamp with Complete Facilities and Competent Trainers

To serve customers with fully-skilled and experienced talents, we recruit personnel and carry out our rigorous 2-3 months training (Bootcamp) with proven curriculum and methodology, proficient trainers and facilities to ensure that our personnel are masterly equipped with the required knowledge. The boot camp is specifically crafted for ERP system: SAP Business One and EPICOR.

Guaranteed Personnel

Our talents have passed internal periodic examinations with very satisfactory results during Bootcamp. We apply multi-screening and termination to those talents who fail to pass our continual assessment. Accordingly, our competent people will help customers in addressing specific SAP Business One and EPICOR operational needs in business processes and forms/reports. Customers can focus on the core business and allow our team take care of the operational system more efficiently and effectively.

Experienced with Customers’ Engagements

In addition to qualified skills and competency, our consultants are involved in real projects. They must go through full cycle of ERP implementation with factual business cases to solve and address. We provide experienced personnel who have been involved in actual projects.


PT. Inti Talenta Teknologi (INTALOGI) is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, mainly focuses on assisting customers who already implemented and run integrated system (ERP) as the day-to-day operational system.

We place our well-trained talents on-site nationwide and internationally to address issues and additional needs of customers’ operational system.

Our parent company has been in the BPO business for almost 20 years supplying technology-related talents to enterprise customers .

With long-standing experience in business and expertise in delivering hard-to-find and well-trained talents, INTALOGI are determined to accommodate customers’ day-to-day business needs.

Quality and Proficient Talents

Presently the ERP products our talents have been trained and well-experienced are SAP Business One and EPICOR. Delivering solutions to customers’ everyday issues by providing top quality people with specific skills in SAP Business One and EPICOR is among our highest priorities.

Our competent and skillful people will assist customers in specific business process inquiries, technical-related issues as well as customizations (forms and reports) of the ERP applications according to the business needs.

We will ensure our direction and assistance on the business process and technical matters will facilitate customers’ requirements to optimize and expand customers’ business.

We crafted our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services with certain stringent criteria to create value for the customers.





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